Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring colors against the drab gray and brown...

I went outside and took a couple of pictures of the lovely spring colors around here.  It has been so drab this winter, and today it was raining oak leaves.  When the new leaves shoot out on the live oaks it starts raining brown oak leaves, literally.  At least you don't get wet, but you'll find leaves in your hair and in your pocket.  They are like leather and almost as enduring.  To live in FL the vegetation has to be pretty hardy to survive our summer heat (which I love.) :) 

The view from my front porch

                                                                        More azaleas

This is a shoot straight out of the end of a piece of shrub.  How exuberant, don't you think?

The backyard is covered with violets.  It was pretty windy out there and difficult to get a good shot.

A fresh shoot of saw palmetto.  It looks like a praying mantis, don't you think?  Or some kind of spider. 
I so enjoy this time of year.  The sun is bright and warm, life is boiling under the surface, and overnight, it seems, it just explodes with the new season.  Must say spring is my favorite season.  And there's some green on St. Paddy's Day. 


Kelly said...

Great photos! Thanks for bringing me something green on St. Paddy's Day;)
I am with you 100%-- spring is my favorite too!

RekindleMe said...

Hi, Maria! I love the view from your front porch! I also love the spring when everything is coming alive! By the way, I saw your friend Caroline's blog - beautiful! Thank you for the recommendation!

Judy King said...

What a nice blog. I love the violets, and remember the thrill of finding them to pick for my mom, and then when life came full circle and my kids brought blooms with the tiny stems clutched in sweaty fists. Thanks for the memories.

A Creative Dream... said...

Maria....I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger award this week by a couple of my readers...and I am passing it on to you. The details are over on my blog...

I love the photos...I went out looking for violets today, haven't found any yet, but it can't be long now!