Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy with my mosaics...

Maybe you're expecting pictures of Santa and the elves, which would not be farfetched at this time of year. However, I'm still deep into my mosaic tiles, and some of them will land on gifts this year, but I'm still behind with my creations. My latest efforts... I've been into the blues and greens lately, and aren't they a fresh combination, with some red thrown in. I like to add some "startling" elements. Red is for Christmas!! :)


RekindleMe said...

First off, I want to say 'Welcome Home!!' and thank you so much for the tweet! I really appreciate your kindness and your support! You are an inspiration to me!

I also love the latest tiles that you are working on! Beautiful!! The vibrant colors remind me of the beach and the memorable trips we have taken to FL and the Bahamas! Thank you, Maria!!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaah, blues, greens and a bit of red. Those are my favorite combinations. :-)
Happy Thanksgiving to ya girlfriend!


Mount Belly Mama said...

Absolutely beautiful! I'm inspired.