Sunday, September 20, 2009

I was just thinking... my life really that boring that I don't have anything to write about?? I pretty much work and then do art/craft/ with Bailey the Cat. Well, usually he just sleeps a lot, right beside me here on the couch, his paws pushing against my side. I know that if I try to take a picture, he'll move. He's lying on his back, paws stretched out as far as they go, head twisted down the side. I don't know how he does it without getting a crick in his neck! (Actually tried to take a picture, but the battery was dead in the camera.)
Anyway, back to the important stuff. What's new? My computer crashed so I had to buy a new one. Windows Vista is NOT fun. :( Never used it before, and I can't wait to get Windows 7, in hope that it's better. Anyway, it's novelty to have a FAST computer. What with half of my free time spent on various online selling venues, it's great to have a fast computer.
I've been beefing up my Artfire store, and they have some really neat new features. If only I could make some sales...
Also, I've been art journaling some, so there are pictures to follow shortly.
Keep creating, and eat dessert first!


A Creative Dream... said..., huh? You know, when I first started blogging I thought the same thing...what is there about my life to write about? I am firmly convinced that I am a frustrated writer down deep and this is a simple way to "write". Apparently people do read it, you are always so kind as to comment, and the counter keeps going up...but what I've found is that the joy of blogging isn't about what goes on in my life so much as it is about "meeting" really cool people...much like you! It enriches my life and makes it more interesting and brings wonderful and diverse perspectives to it that I wouldn't have otherwise. Besides...I kinda like reading about the peaceful lives of others...I have a teenage daughter in the's a constant drama! Give Bailey a scratch for me, and here's hoping for lots of sales for you, and I can't wait to see the pictures of your journaling!

Maria said...

Thanks June, that's a very cool comment. You're right of course. In blogland I have met so many interesting and fun people. And artists galore. It's all so very inspiring, and that's why I keep up my blog. IT IS FUN! :)

Kelly said...

I felt the same way this week. But there always seems to be something to dig up and blog about. I wonder sometimes if I should blog less and try to blog more about what I'm creating. But I still have young kids, and some weeks there is less time to create my stuff.
I've begun to really see my blog as a journal, if I pay attention, it's always pointing me in the right direction of my journey.
Well, that was alot about me, sorry Maria! Hope you can find something in here that helps. I LOVE my blog friends:)