Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sea Goddess bracelet...

I've been into charm bracelets lately, and how much fun they are! Seeing as I live in FL I like the cool, frothy sea colors that are around here. My wardrobe is full of sea colors, and also pinks, reds, and oranges. No subtle shades for me! :)

This is a star flying steampunk angel/fairy pendant on an metal oxidized chain. So much fun to make! The watch parts are from a big bag of vintage parts that I have. You'll see more of these in the future.


carmel said...

What a great blog. Love your creations :)

Kelly said...

I love the sea goddess bracelet. I'm very interested in learning about feminine spirituality. I just started reading a book by Jean Shinoda Bolen- Crossing to Avalon. It is fascinating.

I'm with you on the bright colors- and aqua is one of my favorites.


R C Colwell said...


Wonderful blog. I've subscribed. Thank you for visiting mine also and leaving such wonderful input. I wish you all the best.

Fox's Bunny said...

I LOOOOOVE charm bracelets!!!!

Love Love Love them!!!

Gina Lawrence said...

Maria -
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The journal pages are so wonderful. xo