Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bailey is in the bag...

Bailey in the bag going nuts with a knitted ball. Bailey out of the bag is marshalling the felt pumpkins on my porch. He thinks the small ones are fun to bat around. Sometimes I find them in the flower bed below, but at least he hasn't been CHEWING on them. Next, my fall wreath of silk chrysantimums in yellow, orange, and dark red, will come out of its storage bag, or maybe I'll go wild and make a NEW one. What a novelty idea...
Fall is coming even though we're still in the 90s here in Florida during the day, but the mornings are dewy and actully somewhat cool. Yay!
I've got my garden going for the second time this year. Will post some pictures of that later once the plants get a little bigger.
Keep on creating!


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Mosaic*Queen said...

yeah, still hot here too! Low
100's and high 90's. Mornings are getting better though. Yay!
Cute kitty! You'll have to check out the kitty youtube video that I have on my blog. It's a HOOT!